Be Comfortable on the Trail

Weather, Temperatures and Tides

When planning a visit, remember that you are coming to the coast. Temperatures will be cooler Interpreter with familythan inland and weather can change quickly. Bring warm clothes and rain gear. Environment Canada's website provides weather forecasts for the region.

If you are interested in exploring the shoreline - low tide provides the best opportunities. Try to plan your visit so you will be at the Centre 1 hour either end of the low tide. Tide tables for nearby Cape Tormentine.

Gear to bring

Trenholm Trail Head

Our trails are well surfaced but during rainy weather will be wet. We recommend hiking boots for serious trail blazing and rubber boots during the spring or during wet spells. In summer, Poison Ivy grows along sections of the trails. Don't stray off the trail. From June through the middle of August, come prepared for mosquitoes. Our saltmarshes produce a healthy crop of these bothersome bugs. Fortunately, areas next to the shore almost always have a breeze to keep them away. Long pants and shirts combined with a repellent are your best defence.

Flora and Fauna

Binoculars, bird guides and perhaps a spotting scope will help Soaring Ospreyyou enjoy our rich bird diversity at the site. You may also wish to bring a wildflower guide to help you identify some of our beautiful native species. The Boutique offers a variety of field guides for use in this area. Please remember, you are in a protected area and we ask all visitors to stay on the trails and keep all domestic animals on a leash. Please pack out all your garbage and respect wildlife by giving them space and not attempting to feed them.