Thank you for helping to keep us operational


Private vehicle: $10.00 per day

Commercial tour group: $60.00 per day

School or non-profit: Free*

* Proof of NGO status may be requested.

Why Are We Charging?

Cape Jourimain Nature Centre is a charitable non-profit organization operated by a volunteer board of directors. Our mandate is to provide educational programming about nature, history, and sustainability. Contributions help to pay for our interpretive programs, school tours, and basic operating expenses.

While Cape Jourimain Nature Centre is located in a federal National Wildlife Area, we are neither owned nor operated by the Government of Canada. We are also not a Visitor Information Centre. The Government of New Brunswick used to operate a VIC on our site, but it closed in 2016.

Please note, access to the National Wildlife Area is free. The contribution only applies to vehicles who wish to use our parking lot.

Thank you for helping to support us!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We appreciate your feedback!


What is included?

The contribution provides access to our parking lot for one day.  We also offer a membership for $20. Benefits include free parking for one year, access to our newsletter, and more. Click here for details

Can I park overnight?

Overnight parking is NOT permitted. Vehicles left overnight may be towed. Shuttle users may park in the gravel parking lot across from our main entrance. 

Is the parking lot monitored?

Our parking lot is NOT monitored. Cape Jourimain is not responsible for stolen or missing items. 

Do I need to pay if I'm accessing the shuttle?

Users accessing the Strait Crossing shuttle service do not need to pay. However, you may not leave your vehicle in the parking lot. Shuttle users may park in the gravel lot across from our main entrance. 

Can I provide additional support?

Yes! We greatly appreciate all donations, which go towards covering our basic operating costs. Click here to donate or to purchase a membership.