Commercial Tours

Time: 30-60 minutes each

Price: $5.00 per participant + $25.00 for each interpreter

Contact our education office to book a tour:

1. Currents of Change – Sustainability Tour

Discover Cape Jourimain’s cutting-edge green technology! You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at our innovative systems including solar, geothermal, and compostable toilets!

2. A Light on the Point - Lighthouse Walk

A guided walk along a scenic coastal trail to our historic lighthouse. Step inside this extraordinary structure and learn about the fascinating history of the lighthouse and the crossing service to Prince Edward Island.

    • Requires a 20 minute walk to-and-from the lighthouse.

3. Legacy of Cape Jourimain - Exhibit Hall Tour

Come on a journey through time as we take you on a tour through our extensive exhibit hall, where you’ll learn about the rustic Allen Hotel, the perilous iceboat crossing, the building of the Confederation Bridge, and more.

    • Wheelchair accessible

4. Nature is Amazing - Nature Walk

Join us on a guided walk along our lush trails into the untamed wilderness of the National Wildlife Area. You’ll learn about our diverse wetland ecosystems, witness how nature reclaims once developed land, and discover some of the amazing plants and animals that call Cape Jourimain home. If you’re lucky, you may even see an osprey!

5. Shore Explore- Beach Walk

Experience unmatched views of the Confederation Bridge and the Northumberland Strait from our beautiful beach. You’ll learn about the impacts of erosion, how beaches form, the life of marine organisms, and the history of the world-famous Confederation Bridge.

Please note!

    • Biting insects are to be expected. Bug spray is recommended.

    • Interpreter availability may vary during the shoulder seasons (May 1 - June 1; September 1- October 15).

    • Tours may be subject to change at the discretion of the lead interpreter.