School & Youth Tours

Time: 30-60 minutes each

Price: Free for schools and youth organizations.

Availability: First of June to end of September

Contact our education office to book a tour:

1. Currents of Change

In this special session, students will learn about climate change, sustainability, and the innovative green technologies used at Cape Jourimain, including solar, geothermal, and composting toilets.

2. A Light on the Point

A visit to our newly renovated lighthouse, where students will have the chance to step inside and learn about the history of this historic lightstation.

    • Requires a 15 minute walk to-and-from the lighthouse.

3. Legacy of Cape Jourimain

Join us on a journey to discover the history of Cape Jourimain. You will learn about the early history of the region, the perilous iceboat service to PEI, the Confederation Bridge, and much more!

4. Nature is Amazing

A guided nature walk along a nature trail, where students will learn about the plants, birds, and animals who call Cape Jourimain home.

      • Binoculars are provided.

5. Shore Explore

An exploration of Cape Jourimain’s shore habitat, where students will learn about shells, beaches, and the marine ecosystem.

  • Conditions permitting, the program will include a catch-and-release seine net demonstration.

Please note!

    • Biting insects are to be expected. Bug spray is recommended.

    • Tours may be subject to change at the discretion of the lead interpreter.

Be Prepared

To help make sure you’re ready for your visit, we’ve compiled a handy checklist!

Must Have:

  • Insect repellent ◻

  • Sunscreen ◻

  • Brimmed hat ◻

  • Water bottle ◻

  • Sturdy footwear ◻

  • Jacket ◻


  • Raincoat ◻

  • Camera ◻

  • Pencil & notebook ◻

  • Warm gloves ◻