Our story

Who We Are

Cape Jourimain Nature Centre is a non-profit organization located in the federally protected Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Area. Operated by a volunteer board of directors, our mandate is provide programs that promote awareness and respect for Cape Jourimain's natural and cultural heritage. Some of our amenities include, an interpretation centre, a craft shop and cafe, an observation tower, a lighthouse, and over 7 km of nature trails

How It Started

In 1993, construction began on the Confederation Bridge, which would link Prince Edward Island to mainland Canada. Cape Jourimain was selected as the landing point in New Brunswick, since the span between Cape Jourimain and Borden-Carlton is the shortest distance across the Northumberland Strait. 

In 1996, an advisory committee was established to explore opportunities for travelers passing through Cape Jourimain. A comprehensive study led to a proposal for a nature centre, which would provide educational programs exploring the site's habitats and history.  In 1997, the committee officially incorporated as Cape Jourimain Nature Centre, a provincial non-profit organization.

Construction of the nature centre began in 1998 with support from the federal and provincial governments. The facility was designed to be low-impact and incorporated sustainable technologies, including geothermal, rainwater collection, and composting toilets. In June, 2001, Cape Jourimain Nature Centre officially opened to the public.


The Cape Jourimain Nature Centre works to promote awareness and respect for Cape Jourimain’s natural and cultural heritage by providing interpretive programs and other experiences for our visitors.

Core Values