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Lighthouse Trail

Jourimain's historic lighthouse awaits you at the end of this short loop. Enjoy magnificent coastal views as you meander through old fields and spruce forests. On the way back, you will follow an old road that served as the original corridor to the lighthouse.


  • Spectacular views of the Confederation Bridge, Northumberland Strait, and the Province of Prince Edward Island.

  • Fields of wildflower, including rose, goldenrod, and aster.

  • Spruce forest, one of the only areas on Jourimain Island that was never cleared for agriculture.

Distance: 2 km loop

Time: 45 minutes

Habitat: Forest, Coast, Old field

Gunning Trail

Gunning Trail takes you on a winding trek along Jourimain Island’s western coast, where you will enjoy spectacular views of the Northumberland Strait while passing through old field and dense forest. At the end is an observation deck overlooking one of Cape Jourimain’s brackish marsh ecosystems.


  • Fields of wild rose, which bloom from June to early August.

  • An observation deck overlooking Cape Jourimain's brackish marsh.

  • Scenic views of the Northumberland Strait and the Confederation Bridge.

Distance: 2 km return trip

Time: 45 minutes

Habitat: Forest, Coast, Old field

Trenholm Trail

Closed until further notice!

A longer trail through the heart of the National Wildlife Area, offering scenic views of the sprawling salt marshes. Weave your way through dense forest while paying attention for old farming equipment hidden in the underbrush.


  • Magnificent views of the salt marshes.

  • Old farming relics from the early 20th century.

Distance: 3 km loop

Time: 2 hours

Habitat: Forest, Wetland

Be Prepared!

  • Cape Jourimain has a healthy population of mosquitoes, horse flies, and other biting insects. Insect repellent is recommended.

  • For your own safety and to preserve the ecological integrity of the National Wildlife Area, please stay on marked trails.


Trails are open year-round, but are not maintained from October to May.