A refuge for over 170 species of native and migratory birds

National Wildlife Area

Cape Jourimain Nature Centre is situated within a 621-hectare National Wildlife Area which is managed by the Canadian Wildlife Service. There are 55 National Wildlife Areas across Canada, which serve to protect important species and habitats.

Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Area was established in 1980 to protect its diverse network of wetlands and the many migratory birds that depend on them. The brackish marsh, which was created when the highway was installed in the 1960s, serves as a particularly rich ecosystem.

See the Government of Canada website for more details.


The following activities are prohibited in the NWA:

    • Biking
    • Camping
    • Fires
    • Off leash dogs
    • Barbecuing
    • Removal of shells, driftwood, plants, or other natural material.

For more information, and a full list of prohibitions, see the Wildlife Area Regulations.

This map is for illustrative purposes only and should not be used to define the legal boundaries of the NWA.