Frequently asked questions


What Is There To Do At Cape Jourimain?

Is This A Rest Stop/ Visitor Information Centre (VIC)?

  • No, Cape Jourimain is a non-profit nature centre. The provincial VIC closed in 2016.

Where Is The Nearest Visitor Information Centre (VIC)?

    • The nearest VIC can be found in Cap-Pele or Sackville, NB, or in Borden-Carlton, PEI.

Are You Affiliated With The Government or Parks Canada?

    • Cape Jourimain is a non-profit organization. It is neither owned nor operated by the Government of Canada or the Province of New Brunswick. Like most non-profits, Cape Jourimain receives some government funding to assist with operations and program delivery; however, our organization is independent.

Why Is There A Parking Fee/ What Is The Money Used For?

Is The Restaurant Open?

    • No, the Iceboat Landing Restaurant is closed. We do offer food and beverages at our Café. See our Café page for details.

Are Pets Permitted?

    • Yes, pets are permitted on our trails and in our Interpretive Centre, but they must be on a leash. They are not permitted in our Entry Pavilion due to food prep in our Café.

Are The Trails Bike Friendly?

    • No, bikes are not permitted in the National Wildlife Area as per the Wildlife Area Regulations. See our Conservation page for more details.
    • Please note, bikes are permitted access to our main parking lot via the Great Trail.

Can I Fly My Drone?

    • No, drones are not permitted in the National Wildlife Area.

Where Can I Get Water?

    • There is a public drinking fountain near the washrooms in the Interpretive Centre. We also sell bottled water and other beverages at our Café.

Is Swimming Allowed On The Beach?

    • Although swimming is not prohibited, it is discouraged. Cape Jourimain is a National Wildlife Area and our beach is non-recreational.

Do You Have Band-Aids/ After-Bite/ Other First Aid Equipment?

    • Yes, please ask one of our staff members for assistance.

Is There Internet/ Wi-Fi?

    • Yes, we offer free public Wi-Fi in our Entry Pavilion and Interpretive Centre. There is no password.

When Does The Centre Open/ Close?

    • Our opening and closing dates vary, but we typically open in late May and close in early October. See the Hours page for more details.

Is Cape Jourimain Protected?

    • Yes, Cape Jourimain is a designated National Wildlife Area. Cape Jourimain Nature Centre Inc. is an independent organization that leases land in the NWA, with a mandate to provide educational services to the public. See our Conservation page for more details.

What Is A National Wildlife Area?

Confederation Bridge

Where Do I Catch The Shuttle To PEI/ What Is The Shuttle Schedule?

    • The shuttle service operates out of our main parking lot. There is a public phone in our Entry Pavilion which is used to call it.
    • It operates 24/7.

Can I Park Overnight?

    • Overnight parking is NOT permitted. There is a gravel parking lot across from our main entrance that you can use for overnight parking. It is not monitored or owned by Cape Jourimain.

What Is The Fee For Crossing? Where Do I Pay?

    • The bridge toll is administered by Strait Crossing Ltd. See their website for details on the current price.
    • The fee is paid in Borden-Carlton upon leaving PEI.

How Long Is The Drive Across?

    • Approximately 10 minutes.

How Long Is The Bridge?

    • 12.9 kilometers (8 miles).

Where Can I Get The Best View?

How Long Is The Walk To The Observation Tower?

    • Less than 5 minutes from our main parking lot.


How Long Is The Walk To The Lighthouse?

    • Approximately 20 minutes each way.

Is It Open / What Are Its Hours?

    • The lighthouse is only open on certain days. See our Lighthouse page for details.

What Is The Lighthouse Express?

    • An electric vehicle which is used to shuttle visitors from our Interpretive Centre to our lighthouse. See our Lighthouse page for details.

Is The Lighthouse Still Operational?

    • No, the lighthouse was decommissioned in 1997 upon the opening of the Confederation Bridge. The final keeper left in 1969 after the light was automated.

How Far Up Can I Go?

    • On days when the lighthouse is open, visitors are permitted up to the second level.

Can I Get My Lighthouse Passport Stamped Here?

    • Yes, you can get your passport stamped at our Craft Shop or Administrative Office.


Where Is There To Hike?

    • Cape Jourimain has a number of great nature trails. See our Trails page for details.

What Are The Best Places For Bird Watching?

Can I Take Shells (Or Other Natural Objects) Home With Me?

    • No, Cape Jourimain is a National Wildlife Area. Removal of natural objects is prohibited in accordance with the Government of Canada’s Wildlife Area Regulations. See our Conservation page for details on what is permitted at Cape Jourimain.

Can I Fish / Clam Here?

    • You can fish or clam below the high-water mark. Fishing from above the high-water mark is prohibited as per the Government of Canada’s Wildlife Area Regulations. See our Conservation page for details on what is permitted at Cape Jourimain.
    • Please note, to access the beach you must use the stairs in front of the Interpretive Centre. Climbing down the bank is prohibited.