Frequently asked questions


What Is There To Do At Cape Jourimain?

Is This A Rest Stop/ Visitor Information Centre (VIC)?

Are You Affiliated With The Government or Parks Canada?

Why Is There An Entry Contribution/ What Is The Money Used For?

Is The Restaurant Open?

Are Pets Permitted?

Are The Trails Bike Friendly?

Can I Fly My Drone?

Where Can I Get Water?

Is Swimming Allowed On The Beach?

Do You Have Band-Aids/ After-Bite/ Other First Aid Equipment?

Is There Internet/ WiFi?

What Are Your Seasonal Hours?

Is Cape Jourimain Protected?

What Is A National Wildlife Area?

How Long Is The Walk To The Lighthouse?

Is It Open / What Are Its Hours?

What Is The Lighthouse Express?

Is The Lighthouse Still Operational?

How Far Up Can I Go?

Can I Get My Lighthouse Passport Stamped Here?

Where Do I Access The Confederation Bridge Shuttle?

Can I Park Overnight?

What Is The Fee For Crossing? Where Do I Pay?

How Long Is The Bridge / How Long Does It Take To Drive Across

Where Can I Get The Best View?

Where Is There To Hike?

What Are The Best Places For Bird Watching?

Can I Take Shells (Or Other Natural Objects) Home With Me?

Can I Fish / Clam Here?