Take a walk on the wild side

Bird Watching

Cape Jourimain has a large population of migratory birds, which visit the site every season. Although many birds thrive here year-round, the most active time is during the spring and fall.

Our site is particularly well known for waterfowl and shorebirds. Common species include willet, sandpipers, osprey, black duck, and great blue heron.

The best place to look for birds is in our wetlands, which can be surveyed from Gunning and Trenholm trail.

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Greater Yellowlegs


Our beach is the perfect place to dip your feet in the water or look for shells, just don't take any with you!

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  • Please note that our beach is non-recreational. Cape Jourimain is a protected National Wildlife Area. Activities including beach fires, camping, consumption of alcohol, and removal of shells or other natural objects is prohibited.

  • See the Wildlife Area Regulations for a full list of prohibited activities.

Habitats of Cape Jourimain

Cape Jourimain is notable for its diverse array of habitats particularly its three types of wetlands, which include saltmarsh, brackish marsh, and freshwater marsh.

Saltwater Marsh

Brackish Marsh

Freshwater Marsh

Mixed Forest


Sand Dune

Rocky Coastal

Hardwood Remnant