Confederation Bridge

The longest bridge in the world to traverse ice-covered water


The Confederation Bridge is operated by Strait Crossing Ltd.

Photo Op

The Cape Jourimain Observation Tower offers the best views of the Confederation Bridge. Cherish your visit with the perfect picture!


The Confederation Bridge was built between 1993 and 1997 to provide a more reliable and high-capacity means of transit between Prince Edward Island and mainland Canada.

When Prince Edward Island joined Confederation in 1873, the Government of Canada committed to providing continuous communication to the island. This role was originally filled by the Cape Jourimain iceboat service, and later the Cape Tormentine ferry, which transported mail and passengers across the Strait.

Early ideas for a fixed-link included an underwater tunnel or a rock-filled causeway. In the 1960s, a highway was built to the edge of Jourimain Island, but the project was never completed.

In the late 1980s, new-found enthusiasm revived the project and construction began in 1993. The 12.9 kilometre box girder bridge opened to the public in 1997, ending the service of the Cape Tormentine ferry and the Jourimain lighthouse.