Environmental Technology

A series of videos exploring the environmental technologies at Cape Jourimain Nature Centre.

These videos were created in collaboration with Renewables NB, EOS Eco-Energy, and through financial support from the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund.

1. An Introduction to Environmental Technology

An introduction to sustainable technology at Cape Jourimain Nature Centre. Discover what makes Cape Jourimain unique, how the nature centre came to be, and why it was built with sustainability in mind.

2. Geothermal

Learn more Cape Jourimain’s geothermal heating and cooling: how it works, why it is was built, and what makes it sustainable.

3. Solar

Discover Cape Jourimain’s two solar technologies, solar thermal and solar photovoltaic. Learn about how they work, what makes them different, and how they help to reduce the nature’s centre’s energy costs.

4. Rainwater Collection

Did you know that Cape Jourimain Nature Centre is built on an island? Get an inside look at Cape Jourimain’s rainwater collection system, which helps to reduce the strain on the island’s limited freshwater lens.

5. Composting Toilets

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Cape Jourimain’s composting toilet system. Discover what compost tea is, how worms are used to breakdown bacteria, and what the end stage is after the waste is thoroughly decomposed.

6. Greywater Recycling

In our final video about sustainable technology at Cape Jourimain, you will discover what greywater is, how it’s processed, and how it’s ultimately dispersed back into the environment.